GBR 1999 Junior Men Targoviste ROM Aug 2017 Team

Head Coach, Sean King

Tean Manager, Colin Walsh


Thomas Manley, Newton Abbott/Bristol
Bill Moores, Manchester
Matt Madden (capt), Solihull
Harrison Barker-Smith, Manchester
Mikey Patterson, Manchester
Joe Jenkins Delf, Welsh Wanderers
Isaac Wass, Castleford
Tom Hutchins, Exeter
Ben Ray, Manchester
Nick Bond, Cheltenham
Ben Stephenson, Sedgefield
Freddie Pearson, Invicta
Dom Zahra, Caledonia
Connor Carpenter, Sheffield

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Swim England announces the end of Club and National Development Officers

Big changes at Swim England are announced today with the disappearance of Club and National Development Officers, and their replacement by a Development Team, led by Claire Coleman (Head of Development) with managers focusing on the following priority areas of; Governance (Helen Weeks), Volunteering (Sarah Darragh), Club and Operator Relationships (Andy Jack) and Club Growth (Becky Walker). We understand that the new Development Team will work across all the aquatic disciplines. The full text of the letter from Swim England’s Sport Development Director,


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