GB U17 Women 2000 European Championships Novi Sad Aug 2017 Team

Led by HC Nick Hume and TM Eileen Selvey, the team for the 2017 European Championships is:

  1. Molly Boniface-Ashton (Bridgefield & City of Liverpool SC)
  2. Niamh Campbell-O’Donnell (Old Royton & Crompton ASC)
  3. Annie Clapperton, Captain (Stretford SC)
  4. Katy Cutler (Otter & Salisbury Stingrays ASC)
  5. Lauren Dundee (Stirling Swimming)
  6. Emmie-Rose Eastwood (City of Manchester WPC)
  7. Robyn Greenslade (Paignton SC)
  8. Sophie Jackson (Halifax SC)
  9. Amy Potter (Oddicombe SC)
  10. Emily Pyper (Bridgefield & City of Liverpool SC)
  11. Cecily Turner (Crawley & Otter SC)
  12. Stephanie Whittaker (City of Manchester WPC)
  13. Milly Wordley (Barnstaple SC)

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