2022 British Water Polo Championships Statistics

For you polo stats junkies out there we plan to post copies of all the match sheets here throughout the event.

Sat 18th June match schedule

11:00 (M, A group), Cheltenham – Solihull

11:45 (W, A group), Manchester – Coventry

12:30 (M, B group), Manchester – Sheffield

13:15 (W, B group), Otter – Liverpool

14:00 (M, A group), Solihull – Penguin

14:45 (W, A group), Coventry – Sheffield

15:30 (M, B group), Sheffield – Invicta

16:15 (W, B group), Liverpool – Hucknall

17:00 (M, A group), Cheltenham – Penguin

17:45 (W, A group), Manchester – Sheffield

18:30 (M, B group), Manchester – Invicta

19:15 (W, B group), Otter – Hucknall

Sun 19th June match schedule

9:30 (W), 3rd A – 3rd B, Sheffield – Hucknall

10:45 (M), 3rd A – 3rd B, Penguin – Sheffield

12:00 (W), 2nd A – 2nd B, Coventry – Liverpool

13:15 (M), 2nd A – 2nd B, Solihull – Invicta

14:30 (W), 1st A – 1st B, Manchester – Otter

15:45 (M), 1st A – 1st B, Cheltenham – Manchester


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Featured News

England’s men are in action in Europe this weekend

Swim England Senior men’s water polo team continue their development in Bilbao, with a friendly tournament this weekend, 16-18 September. The squad includes, for the first time, four members of the u19 team which competed in the LEN European Junior Qualification tournament earlier this year. The event commences with an exhibition match between the Basque National team and England on Friday, followed by games against French, Portuguese and Spanish club opposition over the weekend.


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