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Welcome to our England Water Polo news for October! -

What a month of two halves September was!  It started off with a sense of optimism that the sport might soon be able to return to competitive matches and ended with the introduction of the ‘Rule of Six’ limiting players over the age of 18 to training and playing in bubbles of only six people.  We have also had the news that the British Water Polo League has abandoned the 2020/21 season due to the ongoing covid-19 crisis.   These are undoubtedly difficult times but we will get through them and we are sure that we will be back to enjoying competitive water polo again in 2021!

Great news for City of Sheffield WPC

However it is not all bad news.  On the positive front the campaign to keep Ponds Forge in Sheffield open has been successful.  It is a tribute to grass root campaigners that the message got shared so widely and the local council eventually saw sense and directed that the pool should re-open.  This is a major victory for aquatic sports nationally.  It also means that Sheffield Water Polo Club, the second largest club in England, and the universities in Sheffield will have somewhere to train.

It is also good to note that the British Water Polo League is hoping to arrange a stand-alone event in April/May provided circumstances allow.  This will be very welcome.

Throughout the pandemic we have been impressed at the stoicism of the water polo community.  Players have continued to keep fit using platforms such as Zoom to train together.  Some have taken to out-door swimming and clubs have worked together to share limited pool time.


Thank you to Bridgefield Water Polo Club for continuing to share your wonderful pictures of training in the iconic Liverpool Docks.  It is inspiring to see your players turning up regularly to these sessions.

At the beginning of the month England Water Polo conducted a survey to find out how many clubs had been able to return to pool training.   The headline was that over 40% were still unable to train.  The good news is that since then more clubs have been able to get back in the water…albeit now in bubbles!

South London water polo got back to training on 20 September.

Sevenoaks water polo club members were excited to return to the pool and do some shooting for the brief period when this was allowed.

City of Liverpool were finally able to return to their pool on 20 September for first time since April 2019.

Hillingdon Water Polo put out the flags and returned to training, welcome back into the water guys!

Just a reminder that the regularly updated guidance for England Water Polo clubs from Swim England is available here >

That’s it for this month folks.  Please continue to share the amazing things you are doing to keep going during these strange times.  If you have a story to share please let me know by emailing me at .

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