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Happy New Year 2021 polo fans, things can only get better! -

Happy New Year!  I am sure this New Year’s Eve was not how anyone planned to spend it but we hope that everyone time found time to relax, reflect on a very strange year and plan for the year ahead.  At this time we have some hope that the covid-19 pandemic will be brought under control in the Spring as the Oxford/Astra Zeneca vaccine is approved and a countrywide vaccination programme is now well underway. However, despite this optimism we all face further lockdown with most of the country now in tier 3 or 4 which means that swimming pools are closed (tier 4) or training only allowed for the under 18s (tier 3).

There is some positive news from the British Water Polo League in that they are starting to plan for the start of the 2021/22 season this September.  The intention is that the qualification tournament and Championship 1 play-off take place in the early part of the month, followed by the full programme starting in late-September.  That is something to look forward too.

As we faced further lockdown our clubs have enjoyed the opportunities open to them to train.  Dunstable Water Polo enjoyed their last session pre lockdown 2.0. Two bubbles of 6 players able to perform a variety of exercises and two vs. two play with a goalkeeper and static passer. Unfortunately the River Ouse option with Milton Keynes Polo Club is not as attractive as it was in the height of summer!

Dunstable WPC

The Sevenoaks Water Polo Junior squad returned to the pool at the beginning of December as we came out of lockdown 2.0 and they went into tier 3 which meant they could continue training.  Sadly they are now in tier 4 and all training has had to stop for now but we hope it won’t be long before these talented youngsters are back in the pool playing the sport they love.

Sevenoaks water polo juniors

Hillingdon were also happy to see their water polo players – seniors and juniors – back in the pool again (albeit briefly!) at the start of December.

Hillingdon Juniors making the most of their time in the pool

We would also like to congratulate one of our own, Dean Walker, who has been appointed as the Swim England Essex County President in recognition of his voluntary services to Essex County swimming and water polo at a local and national level over the past 25 years. A great way to be recognised, well done Dean!

Dean Walker, Swim England Essex County President

Whilst there is little in the way of water polo training at the moment England Water Polo clubs have done an enormous amount of work to keep athletes fit and develop the glue that holds a team together.  Athletes have also used their fitness to undertake sporting challenges to raise money for charities suffering under the pandemic.  We have no doubt that our clubs will come out of this stronger and hungrier to play the sport they love.

Happy 2021!

We hope you find this report of interest.  We aim to showcase what has been going on in English Water Polo clubs over the last month and flag up forthcoming events.  If you have any news that you would like to share about your club please contact me at


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