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Meet the new volunteer team members for Water Polo England comms! -

We are very pleased to welcome Anne Huck and Richard Clapperton to the team which brings you England and GB water polo news, results and more.


Anne Huck

anne-huckAs mother of 2 well-known players, Emma and Rosie, Anne would argue that while she hasn’t had much choice about being a “water polo mum”, she has grown to love the sport and to value the opportunities it provides to all those involved.  Anne’s younger daughter Rosie has played at club, regional and national level, and is currently playing in America as a student athlete, while Emma played for club, regional and university teams, and was the first female president of Nottingham University Water Polo club.  Wherever her family has travelled with the sport, Anne notes that they have always been given the welcome she has come to expect from the water polo family.

Anne will be managing our monthly review of club news for us; covering events in the month just gone and looking forward to the month ahead, and she will also be helping to set up a tool to enable new players and old to find teams to play for in their local area.

Each month Anne will be looking at club websites and at other sources for news, but this is a very time-consuming task, and it would a great help to Anne if you would email your club or regional news to her, before the publication date of the 1st of each month, at


Richard Clapperton

clappsmedRichard has been involved in polo for around 10 years with three of his five children playing polo; his  son plays for Stretford seniors and his twin daughters Annie and Maisy play for Manchester as well as being involved in the England talent and GB programmes.

In between giving children lifts to training, Richard is a keen cyclist and photographer – probably many of you will have seen him snapping away at various polo events. Richard’s background in photography coupled with 20+ years in the software industry means he has a particular interest in digital media, and is excited to be taking on the role of managing Water Polo England’s Flickr and Youtube channels, and helping to develop our water polo media resource.

If you have any pictures or videos featuring water polo in England or GB which you would like to share with the polo community, whether of international games or of your local junior team, then Richard would love to hear from you. Richard can be contacted at

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