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Summer is over, but the fun continues in our October club newsletter! - September 30, 2018

Summer is officially over and, although the water polo league season has just begun, there is plenty of news to catch up on!

The EU Nations Club Water Polo tournament took place between 21st and 23rd September in Prague, Czech Republic.

The women’s final was an all-English event with City of Coventry taking on City of Liverpool! This is an amazing achievement which demonstrates that English women continue to fight for their place on the international water polo stage.


September greetings to all our clubs! - August 31, 2018

The weather has been amazing and outdoor water polo in England has been on show this summer.  Lyme Regis has been a home to water polo since 1906.  In 2017 Lyme Splash launched its first championship as part of Lyme Regis Carnival Week.  The event was such a success that it was decided to run it again on 5th August 2018.



Welcome to our August edition of Water Polo News - July 31, 2018

August is typically a quieter month when our players take some well-earned time out to relax before the BWPL starts again in September.  Some of us even managed to find the time to attend the LEN European Championships in Barcelona and were treated to some world class polo in the sunshine, and some less than world class mascot dancing, see the video clip below!

With the endless summer heatwave on its way back in the UK perhaps it’s time to take polo out of the pool into the great outdoors like they do in mainland Europe?