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Welcome to our July ‘not-quite-back-in-the-water-yet’ newsletter! - June 30, 2020

June was a strange month starting off with high hopes as we looked forward to swimming pools opening but ending in frustration as it became clear that swimming pools would not re-open on 4 July as initially expected.

However, the water polo community is nothing if not resourceful and it is a great testament to all the players, coaches and volunteers that our athletes have kept training and taken any opportunity to get into the sea,


England’s monthly lockdown-water-polo news is out! - May 31, 2020

Welcome to the June edition of our Water Polo News.  These continue to be challenging times with the country still gripped by the coronavirus pandemic, and largely locked down at home throughout May.  Swimming pools have been shut for over 10-weeks and the national and international water polo fixture list has been cancelled until further notice.  However, the water polo community is made of strong stuff and it hasn’t let the pandemic stop training or dampened the great spirit we have come to expect of our athletes and coaches. 


It’s May and yes, there’s polo news! - May 1, 2020

Welcome to our May edition of the Water Polo News.  When I sat down to write this I thought there would be little to report but how wrong I was. I should have known that the water polo community would continue to thrive regardless of the lockdown (whilst maintaining social distancing at all times).  This month there has been an amazing show of support for players and club members, with acts of kindness for those in need and ingenuity to ensure that fitness levels are maintained despite the fact that for many this is the longest period they have ever been out of a pool.