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It’s May and yes, there’s polo news! - May 1, 2020

Welcome to our May edition of the Water Polo News.  When I sat down to write this I thought there would be little to report but how wrong I was. I should have known that the water polo community would continue to thrive regardless of the lockdown (whilst maintaining social distancing at all times).  This month there has been an amazing show of support for players and club members, with acts of kindness for those in need and ingenuity to ensure that fitness levels are maintained despite the fact that for many this is the longest period they have ever been out of a pool. 


And now for some good news! - March 31, 2020

Welcome to the April edition of the Water Polo News.  Who would have thought at the start of the month that all water polo activities would be cancelled due to Covid-19?  Never-the-less the first part of the month was extremely busy and we set out the highlights below.

The big news is that City of Manchester are champions of both the Men’s and Women’s Super Fives Championship.  They are the first club to win both titles in the same year. 


Welcome to our March England Water Polo Club news - March 1, 2020

The big news story this month is without doubt the announcement by the British Water Polo League of a new competition – to be called the Champions Cup.  The top four men’s and women’s teams from the Super 5’s will compete for the Cup with TV coverage a possibility.  The debut event will take place at Haberdashers’ Aske’s School, Hertfordshire over the weekend of 25/26 April 2020, and the winners will qualify for entry into the EU Nations Cup.